NOW8 Cassette Facile 9-52 12s 

Our NOW8 Edition cassette Facile 9-52 12s from KCNC is now available in four different colors. Also included are Pulleys 12T+14T narrow wide in the corresponding colour.



★ 9/10/12/15/18/22/26/30/34/40/46/52T
★ XD-Driver
★ Material: AL7075 (30/34/40/46/52T), SACM645 steel (9/10/12/15/18/22/26T)
★ Weight: ~325gr
★ incl. Pulley 12T+14T narrow wide
★ made by KCNC






The MOVO M48 is a high quality, noble pedal. The highlights of this pedal are the ten individually adjustable pins. This pedal is perfect for MTB or BMX.



★ Dimensions: 112x110x18mm (LxWxH)
★ Weight: 420gr/pr
★ Cro-Mo Axle
★ 10 individually adjustable pins






Aldone is a new brand of NOW8.

The range includes clothing for cyclists.
The first product we would like to introduce is the e-bike shoe.
More Aldone products will follow soon.


The E-Bike Shoe

A comfortable, durable and lightweight shoe that guarantees perfect grip. The flexible sole is the highlight, which is stiff in the binding area. The shoe can be easily opened and closed with a classic Velcro fastener and shoelace. So you are well prepared for the E-Bike-Touring. This product is available in the popular colours black/red and in sizes 37-48.

  • image Mag. Bernd Tauderer, Sportwissenschafter / Radsport Trainer / MTB-Athlet "Renewals and changes in the MTB brake sector I am mostly very sceptical about and so I had my clear favorites until now. The new pads from NOW8 - also in combination with the extremely light NOW8 brake discs - could now convince me and form my new reference. Both short crisp XCO tracks, long marathon descents and the worst track conditions such as the MTB Enduro race in Kirchberg, the parts maintained their great performance. At the same time I was very surprised about the low material wear under the extreme conditions. Pleasant side effect: Screeching soundscapes with some original brake pads are avoided with the NOW8 pads"
  • image Günther Naschenweng, Inhaber Rad&Service, Villach "I have been a bicycle mechanic for 26 years and self-employed for 8 years. I've tried everything I've been offered, but haven't found anything better than the Cerablade rubbers from NOW8. We have installed these rubbers to the complete satisfaction of all our racing drivers, among others also an Austrian Olympic participant, whom we may not call however for legal reasons by name. But also for our hobby drivers a perfect product. Squeak-free, constant pressure point, less wear - zero complaints."
  • image Andreas Failmayer, Geschäftsführer ROFA Sport, Graz "Through a tip from the company COOOLsport, we at Rofa Sport became aware of the brake pads from NOW8. Like almost all new products, we also tested the Cerablade products on our own bikes before releasing them to our customers. The disc pads have proven themselves through the bench from the downhill bike to the XC race machine. After a braking phase with rather low braking power, they convince with their enormous braking power, good dosage and long service life. Squeaking noises are a thing of the past even under wet conditions. The comparatively low price is also convincing. We can recommend the Cerablade rubbers from NOW8 all around."
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  • Flatpedal - MC44

  • Saddle - SELON C3 LUMO

  • Bottlecage AERA

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