KCNC International a company has full of passionate engineers working for the brand KCNC.
Ken LIN is our leader and chief engineer, well-honed experience of aluminum and titanium design/ machining skills for some of the famous bicycle brands in the industry.

KCNC staffs are fuelled with the single desire to design & produce our bicycle parts finest possible.  
With over decades of experience, our engineers continue refining, renovating and designing better products in many ways of lightweight consideration, quality, reliability and esthetics.

It imply wide range of KCNC parts with exclusive patents such as stems, seatposts and brake calipers etc….. Even with our advancing manufacturing skills, modern design and exotic  engineering techniques; we will never forget the most essential issue, “the rider’s demands”.



Further information can be found at: www.kcnc.com.tw


KCNC FR Trap Clipless Pedal

You probably already know our KCNC AM Trap Clipless Pedal. This pedal is one of our top sellers because of its price-performance ratio.

Now we finally have a similar pedal in our range that has a larger footprint and more pins. The KCNC FR Trap Clipless Pedal is ideal for MTB.


 Body: CNC AL6061 machined
 Axle: Cro-Mo
 Bearing: LSL bushing & sealed
 Binding: Single side Cro-Mo, tension adjustable
 Cleat: SH SPD compatible
 Size: 91x100x27mm
 Weight: 368g/pr






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