Under the brand NOW8 high end and tuning bicycle parts are presented.
NOW8 focuses among other things. to the compilation of top products of various quality manufacturers under one brand, which are improved and optimized according to our ideas.

Although many producers are developing top solutions, they barely market them because they are busy with the production of merchandise for well-known brands in their day-to-day business.
Thus we work on the quality level of the premium brands, which often receive your products from specialized manufacturers. Often, even the development of these supplier companies originates.

Under NOW8, we are constantly looking for these "nuggets" that fit our product philosophy.

These are then modified, improved and extensively tested before we launch them.

But we also have many ideas of companies, with the corresponding technological "know how", developed for us.



Further information can be found at www.now8.eu.


ILARON- the best Pulley


ILARON has extremely low friction to save the rider's power for victory.

In addition, ILARON impresses with its remarkable quality, which can even keep up with a ceramic bearing.


  • 11T/12T/14T
  • AL7075
  • two different colours


Compound with new CC3Xplus formula!

Since a short time we offer brake pads with new CC3Xplus formula. This formula reflects the threefold life of the brake pads. The long life is ensured by the high quality composition. The carrier plate with ceramic coating ensures reduced heat dissipation into the brake system. There is also a high temperature resistance for consistent performance and minimal wear even under extreme loads.

The E-Bike Gold brake pads are especially recommended for e-bikers, which optimizes the braking behavior of the e-biker on the basis of the proven CERAblade rubbers. This brake pad is suitable for both wet and dry conditions.



  • Carrbon Flatpedal - MC44

  • Carbon Saddle - SELON C3 LUMO

  • Carbon Bottlecage AERA

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  • image Mag. Bernd Tauderer, Sportwissenschafter / Radsport Trainer / MTB-Athlet "Renewals and changes in the MTB brake sector I'm usually very skeptical and so I had my clear favorites so far The new pads from NOW8 - also in conjunction with the extremely light NOW8 brake discs - could convince me now and form my new reference. Both on short, crisp XCO tracks, long marathon runs, and in the worst track conditions, such as the MTB Enduro race in Kirchberg, the parts kept up their great performance, and I was also very surprised by the low material wear under extreme conditions. Screeching background noise with some original brake pads are missing with the NOW8 pads! "
  • image Günther Naschenweng, Inhaber Rad&Service, Villach "I've been a bicycle mechanic for 26 years and have been self-employed for 8 years, I've tried everything I've been offered, but I have not found anything better than the Cerablade pads from NOW8 We've assembled these pads to the complete satisfaction of our riders, including one Austrian Olympian, which we can not name for legal reasons, but also for our hobby riders a perfect product Squeak free, constant pressure point, less wear - zero complaints. "
  • image Andreas Failmayer, Geschäftsführer ROFA Sport, Graz "Thanks to a tip from COOOLsport, we at Rofa Sport became aware of NOW8 brake pads and, like almost all new products, we tested the Cerablade products on our own bikes before releasing them onto our customers After a braking phase with rather low braking power, they impress with their tremendous braking power, good metering and long service life.Creeping noises are a thing of the past, even in wet conditions.The comparatively low price is also convincing recommend the Cerablade pads from NOW8 all around. "
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Bilder: Fotograf Harald Tauderer bzw. Werksbilder

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